Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I'm Leslie, the creator, and founder of Bella Botanicals.  

I am also a wife and a mother to two incredible young kiddos, and we live in the Midwest in a quaint little town called Holmen, WI.  "Go Packers!" 


Bella Botanicals Let Me Introduce Myself

From gardening to skincare

I discovered my passion for gardening and whole foods years ago, however my passion for Bella came from the desire to create a safe, natural, skincare routine that would inspire women to find their confidence in the "nude." (aka without makeup). I never set out to blend my passion for home-grown plants with organic skincare, but honestly after I started making cold processed soaps, I just couldn't stop. Knowing that the products I create come from raw organic material, instead of toxic synthetic ingredients made in a lab, fills my heart with joy.  





Labor of love

I love that my family is lucky to be bathed and caressed in simple combinations that come from nature. I love having a skincare routine that safely fights wrinkles, skin damage and environmental effects without harming my body. I love that you're here reading this too because I want the same for you.. and I'm sure you're going to love it too.  

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