Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I'm Leslie, the creator, and founder of Bella Botanicals.  

I am also a wife, a mother to two incredible young kiddos, and (in my spare time) an x-ray technician. We live in the Midwest in a quaint little town called Holmen, WI.  "Go Packers!" We're nestled in the bluffs and are lucky to have the mighty mississippi to play in during the cold winters, and the hot summers.


Bella Botanicals Let Me Introduce Myself

From gardening to skincare

I discovered my passion for gardening and whole foods years ago, however my passion for Bella came from the desire to create a safe, natural, skincare routine that would inspire women to find their confidence in the "nude." (aka without makeup). I never set out to blend my passion for home-grown plants with organic skincare, but honestly after I started making cold processed soaps, I just couldn't stop. I received my certification in Organic Skincare Formulation through Formula Botanica, and began cultivating my brand. Knowing that the products I create come from raw organic material, instead of toxic synthetic ingredients made in a lab, fills my heart, and skin, with joy.  




leslie founder of Bella Botanicals

 Labor of love

I love that my family is lucky to be bathed and caressed in simple combinations that come from nature. I love having a skincare routine that safely fights wrinkles, skin damage and environmental effects without harming my body. I love finding my passion and inspiring other women to do the same. I love that i'm able to help women gain the confidence in their skin they so desperately deserve and I love that you're here reading this.... because I want the same for you. 

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Do you still make Full Spectrum CBD infused Hand Cream Clove + Vanilla? I purchased a jar this past summer and I Love it!

Tronda March 28, 2022

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