At Bella Botanicals, our goal is to offer skincare that is safe, effective, and affordable, using ingredients that are farmed sustainably. We are unique in that we formulate and manufacture our own products, which allows full control over the entire process. Often customers have no idea how their skincare product was created, what is in it, or how it actually works. We’re out to change that. Our products are made in small batches, allowing for the longest shelf life, direct to consumers. 


The Founder

owner of bella botanicals leslie

Leslie Reichgelt is the owner and founder of Bella Botanicals. A mother, wife, avid gardener, and a true lover of all things health and wellness, her journey into skincare began years ago. Early on in life, she realized the value of developing a skincare routine, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she began reading labels and looking at the ingredients in products. A desire to use natural products and a passion for doing good in the world led her to her passion for developing skincare. 

“I love infusing oils with dried herbs, pulling out all the incredible nutrients and developing them into products that are skin-loving. I love knowing that the oils and butter I use are harvested in a sustainable manner, that not only provide the best nutrients but also leave a positive impact on the planet.”

Leslie’s goal with Bella Botanicals is to create products that help women feel confident in their skin, without feeling the need to mask their true beauty, through natural and effective skincare.



Natural CBD

During trials of formulations at Bella Botanicals, Leslie was amazed by the positive impact that CBD had on her skin when thoughtfully created into a product. By harnessing CBD’s ability as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Bella Botanicals creates skincare that nourishes and renews the skin, and puts achy joints and muscles at ease. Keeping in line with our values of sustainability, we have chosen to source our CBD from only Hemp farms in Wisconsin. We use only organically-farmed hemp to create our products and ensure adequate testing is done to guarantee its efficacy and purity.